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10" Wide Steel Trailer Arch

10" wide by 29.5" tip to tip
£20.83 excl vat


5x10 Wheel Mini Fitment
£56.25 excl vat

Steel Side Skirt

1850mm Long 105mm Wide 1.5mm Thick
£18.75 excl vat

Mintex MDB1175M1144 Sierra Brake Pads

In our opinion the best compound pad for Lightning Rods and 2.0 Hot Rods. These are for 2.0 Sierra Calipers
£50.00 excl vat

Facet Red Top Cylindrical Fuel Pump

Facet 480532 Red Top Cylindrical Fuel Pump - RTW506 Specification:- Competition Pump:- 480532E Voltage:- 12v Earth:- Neg Pressure (Psi):- 6.0-8.0 Flow:- US Gallons/Hr 40 Dry Prime Height in Mtrs:- 0.6 Thread Size:- 1/4 npt Operating Temperature:- -40º to +180° F (all Models) Average Run Time or MTBF:- 6000 hrs Legal Requirements:- Certified & Complies With EEC 95/54 Requirements Length:-140mm Diameter:- 54mm Weight:-0.7kg Fuel Union Installation:- When fitting fuel unions, either wrap PTFE tape around the threads or use Loctite 243 to create a fuel proof seal
£60.00 excl vat

Mintex MDB1404M1144 Fiesta MK2/3 Brake Pads

In our opinion the best compound pad for the rear of F2/Supertos and 2.0 Hot Rods. Fit the mk2 and mk3 Fiesta caliper
£60.00 excl vat

Malpassi 67mm Filter King With Alloy Bowl 8mm Unions

These fuel pressure regulators have been part of a competition fuel system, and a common sight on motorsport vehicles over the past 25 years. The FILTER KING is a popular unit, regularly seen in the motorsport field because of its ability to regulate and filter fuel without restriction. Height:- 120mm Width:- 100mm Weight:- 370 gms Filter Micron:- 10 Unions:- 8mm Pressure Range:- 1-7 psi
£40.00 excl vat

Nova Spring Kit - Stock Rod

£115.00 excl vat

5.5x13 RFX

ET49 Vauxhall Fitment for use on the drivers side of Stock Rods
£90.00 excl vat


Used on Classic Hot Rods and National Hot Rods, multi fit 4x100 & 4x108 in either 100mm or 150mm backspace
£75.00 excl vat

6x13 RFX

ET16 Vauxhall Fitment for use on the fence side of Stock Rods
£92.50 excl vat


3J Driveline Ltd Designed and manufactured NXG (NeXt Generation) English Lsd. The strongest, most progressive and versatile LSD unit in the market place. The 3J plate pack always run with 8 active surfaces, even in our lighter settings, giving maximum surfaces and surface area contact during use. Our new pre-load spacer helps generate the pre-load. Rather than just have the 2 or 3 settings of other units, we can 'fine tune' to particular pre-load settings complemented with our choice of ramps, to get the perfect LSD set up for you. The Bevel and planet gear pack has been designed to be the smoothest mesh, biggest and strongest tooth profile that we have ever been involved with. Eliminating the rattle, and excessive back lash of other units
£545.00 excl vat


5.5x13 Wheel primarily used for the front of Superstox 4x108 with 97mm backspace
£52.50 excl vat


8x13 wheel used on the rear of Superstox and on the road for that Euro Look! Available in a range of offset's and are multi fit 4x100/4x108
£68.75 excl vat