• A035


    The Yokohama A035 is multi purpose gravel/forest rally tyre that is suitable for a wide range of conditions. It features a directional tread pattern with a choice of compounds (must be used in matching pairs to balance the vehicle). This directional tread pattern offers stability under braking and maximum traction out of corners. The stability and durability of the tyre is helped further by reinforced sidewalls, helping to protect the tyre, and reducing the chance of cuts or objects puncturing t
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  • A006-T


    YOKOHAMA has an excellent reputation for asphalt tyres and this latest addition offers superb performance for tarmac rallying. It is FIA approved and can be cut to a wet pattern if required. Available in various compounds to compete in all weather conditions.
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  • A053


    The A053 is the latest gravel rally tyre from Yokohama and has been developed to provide maximum grip for cornering, braking and acceleration on all loose surfaces. The tread pattern is designed to allow the tyres working temperature to be reached quickly and features large blocks to combine traction with good clearance for water or mud.
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